Afternoon Keynote: Public and Private Sector Lean Transformation

The continuous improvement method and philosophy today known as “Lean Thinking” originated in the automotive industry. Since then, it has been applied to an increasing number of other industries and business functions. In each new knowledge domain, people have struggled to understand how Lean applies to their industry, their culture, and the work that they do. Today, Lean Thinking is being more broadly embraced across public sector activities, leaving many to grapple with how Lean applies to their government processes. While much of Lean is process- and industry-specific, it turns out that many of the core tenets of Lean Thinking are universal and unchanging, regardless of specific industry, process type, or public/private sector basis. In this wide-ranging discussion, Jeff Fuchs, a practitioner with two decades of experience applying Lean in both the public and the private sectors, will share several keys to successful organizational lean transformation – universally applicable lessons-learned that can help accelerate and strengthen every government, industry, or personal Lean Journey.