NBA Scheduling: A Real-World Case Study of Modern Delivery & Agile in Action

Harrisburg University

The NBA wanted to have a state-of-the-art game and referee scheduling system that would allow the NBA (including the WNBA and D-League) to generate, evaluate, and manipulate high quality candidate schedules. With 30 teams, 82 games a year, competing arena schedules and referees there are billions of possible schedules. The system’s interface needed to allow the user to manipulate and repair the schedule “by hand”. The NBA’s scheduling tool needed to modernize this process and provide a more structured and streamlined way for multiple entities to provide their schedule-related inputs to the NBA. The solution was mission critical, needed to be delivered on a strict timeline, needed to run on a hybrid on-prem and cloud solution, and have an automated Dev Ops pipeline. This session will be present a real world case study on using Agile, Lean, Dev Ops and Modern Delivery methodologies to meet the NBAs needs and deliver the product on a strict time line.

Track 1: Agile Projects and Teams