Commonalities of Agile and DevOps Transformation for Large Teams and Organizations

Harrisburg University

As the adoption of Agile DevOps has been steadily growing over the years, many organizations have been taking a proactive approach to prepare for the changes this is creating. This means preparing our people and organizations with the skills and resources they need to be successful and working with our customers and users for improved collaboration. This means building an integrated infrastructure to enable the process and continuous flow. What is it that organizations have been doing to meet this need? Are there commonalities across these organizations that others can learn from to support this journey? Suzette Johnson and Robin Yeman are both leading large Agile transformations at different companies with growing implementations of DevOps on large and small scaled programs. Through multiple collaboration opportunities they have found similar effective practices and lessons learned. Join Robin and Suzette as they provide an interactive discussion around the proven practices for large scale transformation, the challenges they have experienced, and the amazing similarities of two Agile DevOps journeys. Their discussion focuses on activities that have been implemented to cultivate teams and build the necessary skills for this transition, to build the infrastructure that enables a DevOps environment, to improve the value stream and extend the mindset of change across the organization, and ways to measure success.

Track 2: Agile Lean Transformations (I)