Endnote Speaker: From DoD to Agile

Harrisburg University

Jon will reveal that Agile isn’t the foolproof silver bullet that we said it would be! Oh, wait. We never said that.

What do the agile principles really mean? I will share my opinion and a short historical look-back at the Agile Manifesto gathering, it’s origins and context of the industry’s processes “back in the day.” I cut my teeth doing software in the government and for the government (DoD). And out of that frustration was born my penchant for (what are now dubbed) agile methods.

* Learn why you don’t “do” agile, but rather why you should strive to “be” agile.
* Why I think agile is hard and can’t be mastered in just a few days.
* Does agile only work in the small, or can it be “scaled?”
* Jon will touch on his 3 simple keys to successful software development!

As always, you can ask Jon anything on agile, climbing, BDD/TDD, beer, CI/CD, development secrets — we will have a lively Q&A session if you bring your awesome questions!