Making the Invisible Visible: Implementing Customer-focused Visual Management for Performance Improvement

More than ever before, increasing expectations from the citizens of Pennsylvania for “government that works” at all levels have collided with financial and other resource constraints that challenge our ability to meet those expectations. To begin doing more with fewer resources, the Commonwealth is working to adopt lean across all agencies. As the Commonwealth’s designated model agency, the Department of General Services (DGS) has spent the last eighteen months learning about and applying lean tools based on the Toyota Production System.

Implementing these lean tools hasn’t been without challenge. Many have found lean to be one more thing on the proverbial plate of things to do; the plate that is already overflowing with priorities and projects that never seem to get done. How do we get our employees to think differently about this new “thing” called lean? Perhaps we get them to consider that lean isn’t something else on the plate, but it’s the fork and knife that help to cut through everything else, making work easier, better, and faster. Accomplish all three, and likely cost savings will also result.

In this session, lean leaders from DGS will share a case study in the implementation of Visual Management as a means for realigning work to customer priorities and bringing visibility to performance improvement opportunities. We’ll address our lessons learned in facilitating, engaging, executing, and coaching as a simple model for duplication.

Track 4: Agile Lean In Government