Value Stream Mapping in Agile

The classic lean technique of Value Stream Mapping when applied within the context of Agile efforts can help identify organizational value streams beyond the typical IT/business divide. Value streams, the path from work initiation to delivery, serve as the blueprint for process improvements and lean transformations. However, traditionally VSM requires weeks, if not months, of dedicated effort and detailed data gathering and analysis, which doesn’t quite fit into our Agile timeboxes. In this session, we will explore a “real-life” application of an Agile approach to this classic Lean technique. We were able to address an organizational pain point by identifying and mapping the associated value stream and then collaboratively developing and validating mitigation strategies within the Agile team lifecycle. VSM enables the identification of constraints and bottlenecks which can represent high-value areas for experimentation, problem-solving and innovation. This technique can be a powerful tool in your Agile transformation toolkit.

Track 1: Agile Projects and Teams