Bryan Miles

Bryan Miles

Agile Coach, Pliant Solutions LLC

Pliant Solutions LLC. Agile Coach.
How does a musician got involved in agile coaching? That story is best left for another time, but what draws me to agile is its focus on teams. Agile creates a space where teams can thrive. This team focused approach aligns with my life as a musician, conductor, and teacher. I’ve spent many years developing young musicians, creating environments where they could be successful. I have successfully transferred that experience to the world of agile coaching and have helped many organizations develop containers where high performance can emerge.

High-Performing Teams: Want to Watch One in Action? Absolutely!

The research is clear: High performing teams are extremely rare, but their ability to impact an organization is limitless. If we know this is what we’re aiming for, why is high performance so elusive and how can organizations and leaders create environments where it can flourish? Through performance and a facilitated conversation, a small music […]

Track 1: Agile Projects and Teams