Kalyan Pasupathy

Kalyan Pasupathy

Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences Research, Mayo College of Medicine | Scientific Director, Clinical Engineering Learning Labs | Lead Information and Decision Engineering, Mayo Clinic Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery

Dr. Kal Pasupathy, Associate Professor in Mayo College of Medicine is an expert in systems science and health informatics. With over 17 years of academic and practice leadership experience, he leads the Information and Decision Engineering program and is the founding scientific director of the Clinical Engineering Learning Laboratories. Notably, his team’s inventions have won awards and impacted American and British Red Cross, and within health care in nursing, pharmacy, surgery, emergency medicine and radiology. He has conducted several funded projects, has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and a book on health informatics. He is frequently sought to lecture, speak at international events and to consult for practice transformation.

Improving Patient Experience through Lean Concepts

Healthcare delivery has major challenges with patient delays and wait times, which can be detrimental to patient care and have a significant impact on patient experience and clinical outcomes. Such problems are due to core issues around matching staff and equipment capacity to patient demand, any mismatch can lead to a processes with periods of […]

Track 3: Agile Lean In Healthcare