Leila Rao

Leila Rao

Agilist, AgileXtended

AgileXtended, Agilist
Leila Rao is an enterprise Lean-Agile coach, currently enabling Agile transformations for federal government clients. Leila draws from her extensive experience in non-IT industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, media and education, to expand the value stream of Agile delivery and discovery. Her specialty is combining principles from multiple disciplines, such as design thinking and Lean Six Sigma along with Agile, to create customized solutions that create and deliver alignment between team and/or business activities and strategic business goals. She has experienced the full gamut of Agile roles, having been a Lean process improvement specialist in healthcare, an Agile team member, a product owner, a ScrumMaster and a coach, and she brings those experiences to enhance her ability to identify and improve challenges within each role as well as overall team and organizational processes.

Value Stream Mapping in Agile

The classic lean technique of Value Stream Mapping when applied within the context of Agile efforts can help identify organizational value streams beyond the typical IT/business divide. Value streams, the path from work initiation to delivery, serve as the blueprint for process improvements and lean transformations. However, traditionally VSM requires weeks, if not months, of […]

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