Lisa Schlecht

Lisa Schlecht

Founder & CEO, Recharted Territory

Recharted Territory Founder & CEO
Engineer, analyst, and entrepreneur with experience in product design, complex systems design and analysis, and strategic planning for nonprofits, governments, start-ups, and universities in the Americas. Approached challenges ranging from appropriate technology and innovation policy to product design processes and enterprise customer relationship management with a systems perspective. Specializes in leading change initiatives and improving innovation capacity in adverse, highly-constrained environments. Founder of Recharted Territory, a consulting agency that helps organizations and individuals transform complex systems and enterprises.

Chart Your Course Through a Scaled Agile Transformation

Keeping up with a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world is crucial for a thriving business. You need to continuously evolve in an uncertain environment. It requires building new value and ways of working while accounting for legacy systems and processes along the way. Your organization has ventured into agile and you have one or […]

Track 2: Agile Lean Transformations