Michael McCalla

Michael McCalla

President, Achieving Agility

Michael McCalla is a technology leader, transformation specialist, and avid agile practitioner that has a passion for building great products, strong teams, and valuable business outcomes. Michael has over 16 years of product management experience in multiple industries where he has led the delivery of high quality business solutions. He grew up in a number of start-ups, playing multiple roles, and seeing the software development lifecycle from a variety of lenses. Michael has spent the last five years leading enterprise-wide agile adoption initiatives. He has broad range of experience applying agile to small teams, large distributed teams, and portfolio management. He is the President and Owner of Achieving Agility, an consultancy firm with a hands-on, pragmatic, and adaptable coaching approach that uses a blend of Agile and Lean practices to enable their clients to reach their desired outcomes.

An Outcome Measurement Model: Is Your Agile Adoption Moving The Needle?

An Outcome Measurement Model: Is Your Agile Adoption Moving The Needle? The Version One Annual State of Agile survey indicates that 94% of organizations are practicing Agile in one way, shape, or form. Thanks to the revolutionary shift towards a digital society, and the need to respond and innovate, organizations are investing exponential amounts in […]

Track 2: Agile Lean Transformations